Ganesh Pendant Good Friday Giveaway!



Before all this madness started and the world changed, I was lucky enough to spend some time in India. Everywhere I went people were selling Ganesh ornaments made from a variety of different materials. One of my friends bought some beautifully handcrafted wooden ones to gift to her friends on her return to Europe. On my return I decided to see if I could make my own in silver.

Creating silver charms is always a challenge. My silver Ganesh is approx. 20mm in height and his ear-span - the widest part is approx. 13mmm. I knew I would have to find a balance between detail and form to ensure the charm would cast and polish. It took me a while, but I'm thrilled with the results.

Due to the lockdown, I can't cast anymore of my Ganesh charms right now - which is one of the reasons I decided to give the silver one away. The other reason is Ganesh is the Lord of Beginnings, the remover of obstacles and the Deity of Good Fortune. Something we all need right now!

Good luck to everyone.

Keep Safe!


 PS. Don't forget to sign up before 4:30 on Friday 10th - Good Friday - to be in with a chance of winning this cute little fellow!

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