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Seahorse Ring

Seahorse Ring

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Limited Edition. Beautifully Crafted. Handmade Silver Ring.

Items in stock are available for next day despatch – Items made to order take 10-14 working days.

The seahorse has always been associated with fidelity and for me, is one of the most beautiful of sea-creatures. In many cultures, it remains a spiritual guide bringing patience and contentment. Although its armoured scales are for protection, it reminds us all that sometimes we must let down our guard to gain a greater perspective in the sea of life.

Imagine this wondrous fish wrapped around your finger, giving strength and good fortune, not only to you, but to everyone you encounter.

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Our ‘Seahorse Ring’ weighs approx. 6g.

As with all our jewellery, it comes in a beautiful eco-friendly presentation box.

We only use the highest-grade Sterling Silver in our jewellery. Casting is by a leading specialist in high quality precious metal castings. We then hand finish at our Manchester Studios. 

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